KAMA Dresden e.V.
Courses held by Asylumseekers, Migrants and Persons Entitled to be Granted Asylum

You would like to get to know new people, have fun and share your interests? Create your own course with KAMA!
The topics are various and depend on your interest or knowledge – for example: language training, cooking, creative courses (e.g. knitting, drawing) or discussions. The course could take place once or regularly.

The idea behind KAMA is, that you

  • can share your knowledge and interests.
  • thereby get to know new people, share idea and enjoy time together.
  • participate more in Dresden’s social and cultural life.

The language?
The courses can be held in any language, as soon as we find someone to translate – maybe a friend of yours?
(Courses in German, English, French or Spanish are definetely possible.)


  • You develop an idea: What do you like to do,   what do you want to convey?
  • You plan the course: How much time do you   need, what materials do the participants need?
  • You guide the course: You meet the participants and work/cook/discuss together.

KAMA supports you…

  • during the planning: searching for a room, getting the materials, acquiring the participants.
  • during the course: we accompany you, translate if necessary, help with any difficulties.
  • financially: the participants pay for materials and the costs for the rent.

We are a group of volunteers, who want to encourage people in Dresden to get to know each other and exchange their ideas.

Contact us!

KAMA Dresden e.V.
Kurse von Asylsuchenden, Migrant_innen, Asylberechtigten
(= Courses held by asylumseekers and migrants)

E-mail: kama-dresden@riseup.net
Website: www.kama-dresden.org

Or meet us…

… every first Wednesday in the month at 7:30 pm:
«Literaturhaus Villa Augustin»
Antonstraße 1
01097 Dresden
Tramstation «Albertplatz»
lines 3, 6, 7, 8, 11